Peru-Chile trench

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Peru-Chile trench
23° St. sh. 71° z. the D. / 23° St. sh. 71° z. D. / -23; -71 (G) (O) (I)Coordinates: 23° St. sh. 71° z. the D. / 23° St. sh. 71° z. D. / -23; -71 (G) (O) (I)
Ocean Pacific ocean
Length 5900 km
Width 30 to 90 km
Depth 8069

Peruvian-Chilean or Atacama trench  is a deep— sea trench in the Pacific ocean, opened in 1876 by the cable ship "Dacia".[1]

the length of the gutter — about 5900 km, from 6° to 39° South latitude and from 75° to 82° West longitude, it is the longest trench in the world, the width ranges from 30 to 90 km Peru-Chile trench is located in the 150-180 km along the Western coast of South America. Sometimes separately isolated Peruvian (length of more than 1500 km, depth 6601 m) and Chilean (length — 2200 km and depth — 8069 m in the cavity Richards) depression. The Eastern slope is steeper than the Western, the bottom is flat, it is the basis of the Andes.[2][3] the area of the basin — about 590 km2. Over the basin from South to North flows the cold Humboldt current.

the Trough is located at the junction of two plates — to the East is typical of mainland South American plate on the West — the oceanic crust of the Nazca plate.

the territory of the basin is seismically active and is part of the Pacific ring of fire.[4]



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